Until recently HR lagged behind other functions in terms of professional penetration compared to areas such as finance.  As a profession we have to recognise that if we are compared us to finance we are not yet in the same place. However in recent years, there has been a growing appreciation of the benefits of HR qualifications and certification   among HR professionals across Europe. Increasing competition for HR jobs means that more and more employers are listing an HR certification as “required” rather than “preferred” on their job advertisements.

The increasing number of certified HR professionals in Europe indicates that this type of credential is now seen as fundamental for HR professionals facing complex challenges in their careers. Whether dealing with talent management, employee reward, employee relations and risk management, the skills required to pass HR certification exams are becoming more requisite by employers and employees. There are an increasing number of EAPM member associations who are providing HR Certification as part of their professionalization of the profession, including my own institute, CIPD in the UK which has led the development of multiple level HR qualifications across all the HR practice areas.

I am therefore delighted that AIDP is launching its Professional HR Certification scheme.
This will support the advancement of the profession in Italy.
It will not only provide a competitive edge for employees but also give confidence to employers that their HR professionals have the necessary skills that have been independently validated and are keeping up to date with the latest developments in HR practice

The future of professional HR certification looks bright, as long as the nature of certification evolves to reflect the changing HR function. Most positively of all, certification will become more and more relevant in the increasingly competitive workplace of today, particularly in international companies that want to be able to compare staff across borders and will demand a more internationalised certification.

Bob MortonPresident EAPM
EAPM (The European Association for People Management) is the umbrella body for national organisations which represent HR professionals in Europe.  It is specialist in nature and promotes the professionalization of HR including Certification, HR Standards, Metrics, CPD and career development. It is independent of all employers, trade union, state or political bodies.



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